Nobres 2 days

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Nobres Bom Jardim tour
2 days and 1 night

nobres snorkeling
*Always have water and sunscreen in your backpack;

1st day – Cuiabá / Nobres
{transfer in, Rio Triste, Cachoeira da Serra Azul, Lagoa das Araras}

Nobres Bom Jardim is where are located some of the most clear rivers from Mato Grosso state. The trip start with the arrival at the airport Marechal Rondon and approximately 160 km travel to the region of Vila Bom Jardim. Arrival at the lodge, welcome and check-in and trip following the dirt road leading to the attraction of the day.

Arrival on the banks of the Rio Triste and instructions on the activity, a dive down the river for about 45 minutes. Possibility of seeing many fish, especially the goldfish, one of the largest fish in the area. This is a river with greater volume, which also gives many natural beauty!

Then travel to the Waterfall of Serra Azul. A short walk round the hills, up and down tracks with banister and staircase of around 800 meters.

Arriving at the waterfall with crystalline water and a very pleasant temperature, with a pit of 6 meters in great depth for swimming.

Facing the waterfall there is a wooden deck  to access the water. Swimming and diving with peraputangas and plenty of room to swim. Beside the fall visitors will experience hot water that runs off the rocks in contrast to the well water. Pic-nic.

Returning to Vila Bom Jardim to visit the Lagoa das Araras, where you can meet several bird species, including especially the macaws (blue and yellow), woodpeckers, among others. The pond is full of Buritis and some are nests of many birds.

After sunset trip to the inn. Free evening.

nobres snorkeling

nobres bom jardim

nobres snorkeling

nobres snorkeling cachoeira serra azul nobres snorkeling

nobres snorkleing Cachoeira Serra Azul

nobres snorkeling

nobres snorkeling nobres snorkeling trip nobres mt lagoa das araras


2nd day – Nobres / Cuiabá
{Aquário Encantado, Rio Salobra, check out, transfer out}

After breakfast departure to visit the Enchanted Aquarium (Aquario Encantado), a pit of 6 meters deep fueled by Brackish river. The environment consists of a beautiful gallery forest and a well good to swim.

The first part of the activity is to know the Aquarius, diving with schools of fish as peraputangas, golden, piaus.  Possibility of lunch on site. Farewell.

Trip to the inn. Trip to Cuiabá or airport. Farewell.

nobres mt aquario encantado

nobres mt aquario encantado nobres bom jardim aquario encantado nobres mt aquario encantado

nobres mt aquario encantado

nobres mt rio salobra nobres mt rio salobra


The trips to Nobres Bom Jardim is a unique experience, with dives in crystalline rivers filled with fish. The warm climate of the region makes the activities even more favorable.

This proposal is a short and special trip for families, groups, couples and solo travelers. The packages include the main services such as lodging, guide accompaniment, transportation, tickets, equipment and Ecotrip insurance.

Contact us and make a budget for your trip to Nobres, come and visit Mato Grosso.

Accommodation for this trip:
Pousada Rota das Águas


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