Pantanal 3 days

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Pantanal 3 days

pantanal 3 days

Pantanal 3 days is a short package to have an idea about what is the Pantanal, one of the most interesting regions of the planet. A special and diverse ecosystem, where one can see numerous species of nature with ease. The purpose of the trip is the observation of nature in general through walks, photographic safari, horseback riding, boating, nocturnal safari, among other possibilities, always accompanied by an experienced guide. The package already includes custom transfers, comfortable accommodation, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and all activities.
* November-June: the rainy season (lots of water in the region); * June to late October: dry season (drought, low water);

1st day – Cuiabá> Pantanal
transfer, photo safari, welcome and check in}

Pantanal 3 days start with the arrival at Cuiabá, reception at the airport and transfer via asphalt-paved road as far as Poconé, where the transpantaneira road’s begins, the only overland way to the heart of the Pantanal.

The transpantaneira is a causeway, thus elevated and therefore offering a lovely photo safari during the trip out, with several stops to watch nature and birds like the Jabiru, egrets, spoonbills and others.

Arrival at the lodge and welcome. Lunch and nap.

Late afternoon walk in the vicinity of the lodge to make your aquaintance with the interesting details of the Pantanal and first contacts with its exuberant fauna and flora.

Dinner and a free evening.

pantanal 3 days

pantanal 3 days

2nd day – Pantanal 3 days
{Sunrise, horses, boats, night walk}

We wake up early to witness the pantaneiro dawn, followed by sunrise. A spectable of colors and sounds fill the environment during the interlude prior to the sun’s emergence as the nightime animals go home and those of the day appear. An interesting moment to walk in the vicinity and learn some more about the Pantanal.

Breakfast and immediately afterwards the horseback ride deep into the typical Pantanal ranch. This adventure takes the visitor across open fields, woods and forests, corixos and lagoons, along dry and wet trails, living the experience like a true pantaneiro.

Return for lunch and the usual pantaneiro nap.

In the afternoon an excursion by boat for a closer contact with rivers, corixos and lagoons. Here you will be able to see Anhinga, Kingfishers, Sunbittern, Blak-colared hawk, Giant Brazilian Otters and other species that unhabit the riverbanks. A beautiful boat trip specially at sundown.

Return at the end of the day and rest. Dinner and sleep.


pantanal 3 days

pantanal 3 days

pantanal 3 days

pantanal 3 days

3rd day – Pantanal 3 days Farewell >Cuiabá
{breakfast, check-out, transfer to airport}

After breakfast trip back to Cuiabá, arriving at the airport at the arranged time. Farewell to the Pantanal.

Each Pantanal 3 days trip package is organized with the best tours, including the main services, such as experienced guide accompaniment, transfers, lodging, full board, suggested tours, equipment and Ecotrip Insurance.

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