Why Chapada Explorer?

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Why choose Chapada Explorer?

chapada explorerChapada Explorer started in 2004 and the main objective is to offer trips with better quality.

Since then has been working on the realization of many trips in Mato Grosso.

First the trips were only in Chapada dos Guimarães. The other classic destinations were soon added, such as Pantanal and Nobres.

In the Chapada dos Guimarães the traveler will be able to know the Brazilian Savanna and enormous sandstone pardons. In the Pantanal the visitor will have contact with one of the richest biomes in the world and one of the largest wetlands on the planet. You may even notice the jaguar.
In Nobres you can dive in crystal clear waters full of life, enjoying the great climate of the region.

Our work has been recognized by leading guides such as the Guia 4 Rodas (Brazil), Lonely Planet, Fodor’s Travel Guides, among other quality references to travelers from around the world. We are also in the Trip Advisor since 2017.

chapadaexplorer-albertokrebsBehind all the Chapada Explorer’s travel operations, the charge is Alberto Krebs, specialized in inbound tourism.

As a guide, he knows all the details to make your trip the best of all!

And so it has been from the start: always promoting customized trips for small groups, single persons, couples, families and all kinds of travelers.

The trips include all the basic services, as transfers, accommodation, tours, activities, equipment, tickets and expert tour guides. We can also work together to organize a trip with special details or activities, as your wish.

We know the destinations, people and all services involved, which will gives you the assurance of the services quality.

We are present at all times to ensure the high level of service and experience.

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